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Leading Importer of Superior Produce


Our Story

Prior to ESU Farm, our founders had over 30 years of firsthand experience in the produce industry as farmers and distributors. During this time, they partnered with premier growers to import high quality produce from around the world while availability in the US was limited.


Since then, ESU Farm has expanded its partnership with premier growers and provided clients with excellent products and services.

Diversity & Availability Beyond Compare


Our Mission

To accelerate the delivery of the world's freshest produce to every state, county and town. 

Our Vision

To transform the US produce industry by setting a new standard of excellence as the largest global importer of produce. 


Global Fresh Produce Importer

ESU Farm has meticulously researched the best growers around the world and has imported the finest varieties from numerous countries including Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, South Korea, Israel, Spain, Morocco, South Africa, and the USA.


Quality is our way of life

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